Chromatography Tubes

We supply a full range of specialised Stainless Steel tubes used for high performance gas chromatography (GC) and liquid chromatography (LC) as components for chromatography columns used for analytical and preparative      processes in diverse industries. To separate very small sample sizes for complex mixtures, these can be
highly accurate and precise. Samples can be used for all kind of materials such as; water, gases, fuels, air, foods, flavourings, pesticides, plastics, drugs and tissue extracts.

Merinox chromatography tubes are designed to separate material at the molecular level and analyse results. Choosing the correct tubing is very important and will help eliminate future problems and improve overall quality of liquid or gas systems. Our tubes are produced to tight manufacturing specifications creating smoother, cleaner capillary tubing with consistently uniform ID characteristics and close dimensional controls. The proprietary        process creates the ultimate inner surface smoothness in the range of 10-15 RMS.

Merinox Chromatography tubes are seamless cold drawn manufactured, with variable wall thicknesses in the size range from 0.5 mm OD to 6.35 mm OD ( 0.020”OD to 1/4”OD) available in straight lengths and on coils up to 350 metres long in 316 / 316L.

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