Oil & Gas

As a leading supplier of Hydraulic & Instrumentation tubing, we have been serving the needs of djobitel com iverse projects in the Oil & Gas industry for almost two decades. Our experience with a wide variety of exotic alloys, used for very hard environments and wide range of high quality tube stock, enables us to supply from one length up to very large quantities on a short delivery time. jobitel Our tubes are widely used to deliver consistent performance, quality and reliability. Merinox tubes are specified to many approvals in the Oil & Gas industry; these include ASME, PED97/23/EC, NORSOK, AD 2000 Merkblatt & ISO 9001.

Petrochemical & Refining

Our distinct expertise in high grades tubes enhance the performance of tubing in the Petrochemical and Refining industry. These tubes have strong chemical resistance that can easily withstand high temperature and pressure. Our tube complies with the highest chemical safety norms and provides great adaptability for changing                  applications.

Process & Beverages

Process industries worldwide must consider many factors when selecting tube sizes and grades, such as safety, strengths, cost, and maintenance need. Our high quality Stainless Steel & Nickel Alloy tubes, mainly used in the food processing and beverages industry, provide the solution for due resistant, strengths, ductility and ease of         processing.

Instrument & Medical

Our precision tubes are widely used for instruments involving analytical connections and controls for the                processes that demands accurate and precise measurements. The main applications are in analyser systems, measuring, pyrometry and manometry. In hospital environments, stainless steel, copper and titanium are the main grades commonly used for distribution of oxygen, medical gases and vacuum installations and other medical      devices ranging from implants, screws, pins, and injection needles to surgical equipment. Ultra-high precision stainless steel tubes for medical, electronic, semi-conductor, industrial and instrumentation. We are able to cut and deburr any diameter tubing in quantities from a single length to thousands of pieces, to any required length.

Marine & Shipbuilding

Due to the highly corrosive nature of seawater, our tubes must meet the highest requirements to ensure reliable service performance. Our stock has a wide range of grades with different corrosion and fabrication properties. Since conception, Merinox has supplied thousands upon thousands of metres  xjobs org in stainless steel and nickel alloys which have been successfully installed in different marine engineering constructions. Our continuous coil lengths can easily reach over 500 metres, making long-term maintenance and inspections easy as no fittings are      required. These coiled lengths are ideal for high pressure fuel lines and hydraulic control applications.

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Due to similarities and requirements on surface finish and quality, our tubes can meet the most stringent                  pharmaceutical and biotechnical standards. xjobs

The high tube quality effects every operational aspect for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals,        botanicals, enzymes and personal care products. The used equipment often requires specific finishing and               polishing.

Power & Alternative Energy

Merinox offers an extensive range of tubes in alloys capable of withstanding corrosive, high pressure and high temperature environments. On customised fabrications, these tubes are specially produced to resolve the tatic and dynamic operational problems, reduce plant downtime, improve operational safety and enhance operational efficiency to be used in power plants and industrial furnaces. For alternative energy, our tubes are used in solar dishes and hydrogen refueling stations. Apart from straight lengths, we also have long coils available in a wide range of alloys ideal for geothermal applications for transporting heated liquids.

General Commerce

Importers, local distributors and total-package suppliers play an important role in delivering our tubes to             customers worldwide. Our extensive stock, including hard-to-source tube sizes and grades, ensures that customers have timely access to our vast range of grades to meet all of their particular requirements.

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